Robot Entourage

I’m old enough to remember when people would carry a Palm Pilot, a mobile phone, a laptop and an iPod around with them (OK. It was a Walkman – shudup). Then, one day, the iPhone came out rendering them redundant overnight. The iPhone had the flexibility to do all the same tasks. The technology improved, Apple managed to pack all the hardware into a shiny glass and steel box and software developers did the rest.

Robots will go the same way. Right now, companies are developing specific robots for all sorts of different applications. But one day, a robot will do it all. Pick stuff up, drop it off, drive your car, use tools, make your IKEA furniture, walk the dog, sweep your floor and tuck you into bed (that’s a whole other post). It will be chock full of all of the latest mechanics, voice recognition, AI, LIDAR and HOOS*. And ….. it will most probably look just like us.

The human form has over three billion years of evolutionary engineering behind it and we’ve built a world built around that form. It will be bi-pedal with opposable thumbs, elbows and knees. And, once they’re in our lives, we’ll wonder how we ever lived without them.

Early adopters will walk down the street flaunting their robotic entourage with all the swagger of brick-sized-mobile-phone wielding 1980s stock broker.
“Go get the car Robio*” he’ll announce louder than necessary at the coffee shop. “And add hair hair gel to your shopping list”

We already have an application for them. A house that can be easily assembled by hand can also be assembled by a robot. Companies who are developing bi-pedal robots will probably be the world’s first Trillion dollar companies and they’re going to change the world.

*I’m calling mine Robio and if you think that’s lame I don’t really care because, by then, I’ll have a robot and won’t need any friends.
*HOOS Heaps of Other Sh….

Posted on March 30, 2018 in Energy & Evolution

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