Kick Starting A Solar Revolution

In 2005, Iron Matrix was just a brain fart. I worked in the Oil and Gas industry and no one there felt any threat from solar panels which cost over five dollars per watt. By comparison, five dollars worth of diesel generates the same amount of electricity for 50,000 hours (6 years).
But there were two things that made solar panels worth watching.
One, solar panel prices were dropping precipitously. The raw materials in a solar panel are relatively abundant. Silicon, Aluminium and a bit of Silver. Manufacturing efficiencies are the only thing standing between current pricing and the cost of raw materials.
Two, Solar Panels have a couple of tricks fossils fuels don’t. They’re a flat sheet of glass and they scale without loss of efficiency.
If you want to be competitive selling electricity by burning coal, gas or diesel, you need to burn lots of it. The hotter you burn, the higher the efficiency of converting that energy into electricity. As a result we have central power generation and a grid to distribute it.
Solar panels however, can be added and removed without changing overall economics. And generating your electricity close to where you use it, like your home, makes it even more efficient.
And then there’s the cost. If we could find an application that replaced a flat surface with solar panels, we could reasonably deduct the cost of the material it replaced. One day, maybe, a solar panel would be cheaper than plywood on a dollar per square meter basis.
That year was 2017.
We can now replace the cladding on a building with solar panels at no incremental cost. That’s right – free solar panels.
Why wouldn’t you?
We’ll, there is a reason. Our old buildings aren’t designed for it. A wooden frame house needs the added strength of structural plywood. But if someone designed a structure, like a strong Matrix made out of Iron, it could unlock all that potential.
And that ladies and gentlemen, is not only the future, it’s right now. It’s also probably why I’ve been unable to sleep past 5am for the last 6 months.
We’re having the time of our lives and soon we’ll be able to bring it to the world.

Posted on March 11, 2018 in Build & Shelter, Energy & Evolution

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Responses (2)

  1. natalia
    March 22, 2018 at 11:59 am · Reply

    I have a problem with my solar system, I have a 100w solar paler new,,, and a 12volt deep cycle battery and a 30 amp charge controller. And when I check the solar panel by it self I get 14.6 watt out of the solar wires on the panel, but after I connect the solar panel to the 30 amp charge controller I only get 10.6 volt out of the charge controller so i only get 10.6 volt going into my deep cycle battery,,, so my 12.7 full charge battery goes down to 10.6 volt in a couple of days and stays there, Can you explain to me why is this happening? . I already had tried two diferent charge controlers and I get the same problem

    • 1MillionMinutes
      March 30, 2018 at 7:07 am · Reply

      You can’t really test the number of amps from a panel until it’s under load I.e. charging a battery. If you multiply the number of amps by the voltage you can work out how many watts you’re getting. A 12volt panel should be kicking out 14-20volts and the charge controller will step it down to a voltage just above the battery voltage (1-2V)to charge it. If you’re only getting 10.5 that probably means your battery has been drained right down. That can also be damaging to the battery. You want a charge controller or inverter that cuts the supply at 11.5 volts to avoid over draining it.

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