House Design Questions

A few questions we asked ourselves when designing this house;
– Why not have solar panels instead of walls?
– Why not have a flat roof to enjoy the view?
– Why not make it flexible so that rooms can be added and utilities easily moved?
– Why not make it air tight to avoid drafts and keep bugs out? (Canadian wife’s request)

Well, it turns out there are very good reasons “why not” for all these things but without going into detail and after four years of much tinkering, we’ve finally got a solution that allows us to have all of these.

As promised, this will be a house like no other. The whole structure is made out of just eight different fabricated parts so we can get economies-of-scale with manufacturing. Because they’re all bolt-together, there will be no need for heavy machinery on site and nothing weighs more than 35kgs. If we’re ever so inclined, we can always unbolt the whole thing and move it.

Now all we have to do is build it. Based on the amount of effort it took to get to this point, it would seem like a good idea to do it more than once. All of a sudden ‪#‎1MillionMinutes‬ doesn’t seem like it’s going to be nearly enough time…..


Posted on February 11, 2016 in Build & Shelter

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