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Time Lapse

This is how you and a friend can build a house in one and a half minutes…

Touched By Nature

I used to sit behind a desk for hours a day. Now I’m surrounded by nature….

Knowledge & Experience

These 1MillionMinutes began when we decided knowledge and experience was more valuable than money.

Workwork Phase

Entering the Woodworking Phase. That, girls and boys, is how you clear a road and lay down 36 square meters of decking stringers in under 6 hours….

What Design Can Do

Given I laughed my own bollocks clean off, I feel it only fair to grant you full permission to mercilessly crack a spleen over my first ever video production. And while you’re there, remember to vote us up the “What Design Can Do” project list and have a look around at what others are doing.…

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Future Technology

Body machine interface, nuclear batteries, energy self sufficient homes. I for one, can, not, wait.


Spent the day cutting and drilling. Didn’t feel like too much progress was being made. Thought I’d better look back over the last 9 months…

Perth Welding

For all your welding needs in Perth. Give Zack a call. He work with Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and the quality is excellent. Custom Projects are his specialty. He can work things out with you or build to your plans.

CAD Morph

A morph showing what things will hopefully look like in a few months. Lining up a CAD model with a photo’s position, direction and angle of view is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

4 Month Time Lapse

Time lapse over the last 4 months. Next week we get to start going upwards on the third and final stage.

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