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How did we get here?

Three years ago, we had well paid careers with a large multinational corporation and then one day, we left it all behind. I loved my job. I worked for a great company, run by people I admired. But there was problem. We were money rich but time poor. Many of my colleagues found themselves is…

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Thanks for sharing our story Melanie Hearse.

Kick Starting A Solar Revolution

In 2005, Iron Matrix was just a brain fart. I worked in the Oil and Gas industry and no one there felt any threat from solar panels which cost over five dollars per watt. By comparison, five dollars worth of diesel generates the same amount of electricity for 50,000 hours (6 years). But there were…

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Solar Noon

The sundial house says it’s “solar noon”. #TrueNorth


So this turned out better than I thought it would.

Tough Day

Looks like another tough day at the office…

Suburban Edition

“Honey! The Joneses just got themselves a frickin’ helicopter!….. HONEY!” #IronMatrix

New Doors

New doors! We’ve built whole houses in less time then it took to get these doors right. (Well, one house anyway). Working out a design that used our same low-e, double glazed, argon filled, tempered, tinted glass panels was a lot more challenging than we thought. This is now the first official Iron Matrix door.…

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Phase II

This red bench marks the beginning of Iron Matrix Phase II, Autonomous manufacturing. Never built a robot before. But then again, never built a house before either. I think a robot will be easier. #NerdNirvana

Solar Awnings

For 2 years I’ve been trying to work out how to make awnings for Iron Matrix. The CAD model has 16 different layers for this item which means I thought I had it right 16 times previously. I really didn’t want to spend money on something that blocked the sun that wasn’t a solar panel.…

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