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Iron Matrix

If you image search “Iron Matrix”, you’ll find a bunch of pictures related to us (thanks Domain) and also this, the Fukang Meteorite. A matrix of nickel-iron fused with translucent olivine crystals that was discovered in the Gobi desert in 2000. A polished slice like this one costs tens of thousands of dollars. I think…

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Over Analysis

It’s possible we over analyse things in this house. We ask “why?” alot and study the anatomy of a good ‘Dad joke’. The result? “Daddy, what’s the Easter Bunny’s favourite disease? ……. Eggczema.” I see therapy bills in our future.

Love Aquarium

Dear Hollywood, I know of only one type of building you *might* be able to turn into an aquarium by stuffing towels under the door and leaving all the taps running. It certainly ain’t that rattly old bathroom above a wooden theatre. You’d probably need a steel frame building with an air tight contiguous outer…

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How did we get here?

Three years ago, we had well paid careers with a large multinational corporation and then one day, we left it all behind. I loved my job. I worked for a great company, run by people I admired. But there was problem. We were money rich but time poor. Many of my colleagues found themselves is…

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The Things We Do

An Australian Engineer fell in love with a girl who didn’t like camping. So he’s spent the last 2 years designing and building this luxury, off-grid, solar powered home. Now they’re married and she’s about to have his second baby.

Deck Beers

May it be the first of many.


First day back at the house for a couple of weeks and a timely reminder that summer is here…. 😬(No it wasn’t us)


Our abilities peak at different times in our lives. I’m looking forward to “Peak Focu….. squirrel! So cute.

Fire Rain

Some fire rain marks goodbye to the wet and cold season and hello to the hot and dry. The perfect Saturday night.

What Design Can Do

Given I laughed my own bollocks clean off, I feel it only fair to grant you full permission to mercilessly crack a spleen over my first ever video production. And while you’re there, remember to vote us up the “What Design Can Do” project list and have a look around at what others are doing.…

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