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The Real Block Chain

​Iron Matrix structural parts can be swapped and exchanged with other Iron Matrix buildings. They’re fungible, divisible and transferable which means you could use them as a currency. They make blocks and these blocks join to make chains. You could say its the only block chain technology guaranteed not to evaporate when Google, Facebook or…

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A super write up about Iron Matrix and our the first ever Pitch to investors in StartupSnaps.

Space Time

The face of a six-year-old trying to comprehend watching earth from a distant star today and seeing dinosaurs roaming around. Space-Time for First Graders.

Pitch Competition

This was the first week we started to seek funding. So why not make my fist ever Pitch at Australia’s largest startup conference Pitching Competition? Out of the 111 companies, Iron Matrix made it to through 3 rounds to be part of the final 6 presenting on the big stage in front of a massive…

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Ofis Bilding

“Ofis Bildings should have a flat green roof with trees on them.” What a good idea.

Motor Generator

His (our) first bit of robotic lego. What he doesn’t know yet is that motors work as generators if you spin them backwards. When he’s bored with this, the parts will be used to make his first electricity producing wind turbine… gotta get ’em while they’re young….

Patch Slide

I’ve been told that some investors have the attention span of a one-eyed, hyperactive goldfish. For these people, the ideal number of slides in a pitch deck ……. is one. Compressing ten years of thinking into one picture wasn’t easy but here it is ….. any feedback appreciated.

Lowering Costs per Kilowatt-Hour

Having the US pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement has been a bitter disappointment for many. There is however, a reasonable argument suggesting that real change cannot wait for government. Real change comes from meaningful action not expressions of disappointment. Alternatives to carbon based energy generation will be displaced, not when we want…

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Stage 1

This week the sun sets* on Stage 1 of the EnergyLab Clean Energy Accelerator program. After 6 weeks we’ve gone from teams populated by bunches of unorganized dreamers to honed groups of commercial savvy, elevator pitching, investment ready dynamos with a clear business plan….. supposedly. It’s fascinating to me that much of this work is…

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Business Plan

For the last month, work has been focused on developing a Business Plan. Here’s our value proposition. Feedback is very welcome and appreciated. _______________ Iron Matrix was developed to align with the fundamental science that governs our universe – Thermodynamics, the study of energy. It is proposed that all successful businesses ultimately realize value by…

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