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Cleanse #2

As you may recall, last year I indulged in a beautiful cleansing retreat;  It was the most thorough and relaxing cleanse I have ever done and the benefits were lasting. Most notably, and what really changed my life over the past year, was the complete disappearance of hay fever and pollen allergies as well…

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Nature Therapy

It takes about 50 minutes to drive here each day. Not once have I thought it wasn’t worth the effort and I must have done it now over 100 times. After living in places where we could go weeks and months without being properly immersed in nature I fully support the claims that a bit…

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Zoetic Balance

I have resisted having a business website. It’s not that I don’t appreciate finding information on the web, nor that I don’t want to be a part of the 21st century, what it really comes down to is that I don’t believe that what I do is especially website-worthy.   It’s not a profession that…

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It’s taken months to get to this point (well, years, actually) but I have now re-established my daily meditation practice.  I notice when it gets late in the day and I haven’t sat down to this daily ritual.  I am seeing the changes and benefits in myself and the trickle down impacts in my family.…

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In the spirit of trying something new and reconnecting with ourselves, we decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and try Floating. What, you may ask, is floating? Well, basically you submerge in a float tank or capsule that is filled with over 500kgs of Epsom salt at 35.5 degrees Celsius and you float, in…

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Out of Time?

Not enough time in the day? Be thankful you didn’t live 300 million years ago when the earth spun faster and there were only 23 hours in each day. Due to the frictional effects of tides, the earth’s rotation slows down 1.7 milliseconds every 100 years. Even if you did live 300 million years ago,…

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Engineered Meatballs

This is what happens when an engineer moves from the office to the kitchen…..

Good Food – One Week In

As my wife duly warned, it turns out to be a lot harder then you’d think to eat good food. All, the, fruitin’, time. Me? My plan was simple. Steak, corn and fruit. How hard is that? They’re all things I’ll happily eat, all natural, all tasty. By the morning of day 3, the steak…

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Good Food

We’ve talked about it for years but it was always too hard because of either lacking the time, access to ingredients or need to consume alcohol (for medicinal purposes). Now that our external environment has been cleaned out (mostly) and put together (almost), we can spend some of our 1MillionMinutes working on our internal, physical…

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