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Robot Love

The first fatal autonomous car crash involved a man who’d previously brought himself some minor YouTube fame by uploading a video of his Tesla avoiding a collision while in Autopilot mode. He’d credited his life to the car he’d affectionally named “Tessy”. He was quite sure Tessy had his back and was looking out for…

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Robot Entourage

I’m old enough to remember when people would carry a Palm Pilot, a mobile phone, a laptop and an iPod around with them (OK. It was a Walkman – shudup). Then, one day, the iPhone came out rendering them redundant overnight. The iPhone had the flexibility to do all the same tasks. The technology improved,…

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Kick Starting A Solar Revolution

In 2005, Iron Matrix was just a brain fart. I worked in the Oil and Gas industry and no one there felt any threat from solar panels which cost over five dollars per watt. By comparison, five dollars worth of diesel generates the same amount of electricity for 50,000 hours (6 years). But there were…

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Suburban Edition

“Honey! The Joneses just got themselves a frickin’ helicopter!….. HONEY!” #IronMatrix

Solar Awnings

For 2 years I’ve been trying to work out how to make awnings for Iron Matrix. The CAD model has 16 different layers for this item which means I thought I had it right 16 times previously. I really didn’t want to spend money on something that blocked the sun that wasn’t a solar panel.…

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Betting on PV

The world is changing. For the last hundred years we as a planet enjoyed the enormous benefits of fossil fuel production. What’s was so amazing about this energy source was the shear amount of energy returned for the amount of energy required to extract. It used to be 20-40 times (20-40x). But not anymore. As…

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Lower Carbon Energy

I believe lower carbon energy will be driven by thermodynamics, not morality. When mining, transporting and maintaining complex equipment gets harder and harder every day, a few hundred thousand pieces of photovoltaic silicon, with no moving parts, starts looking pretty attractive. Focus should be on ways to make solar even more efficient and lower cost….…

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Driveways are soooOOoooo 2019….


I didn’t think I’d enjoy the non-engineering aesthetic parts of this build… but I do!


This week we transition to being off-grid by adding batteries and charger/ inverters. By the time we’re finished we’ll have 12 kilowatts of panels and an extra few extra from wind turbines. That *should* be enough to provide more than enough energy for our daily needs and if it’s not, we just have to add…

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