A Little Hard Work

Twelve months ago, our son thought my job was riding a motorbike and playing on an iPhone. That’s pretty much all he ever saw me do.

I enjoyed work and we lived comfortably. There was really nothing to be ungrateful for. But I’d developed a fear that our son wouldn’t understand what real work was. The sort we’d seen our parents do. Building, fixing, gardening, cooking, cleaning and making things.

They say that wealth skips a generation. We were pretty sure, through no fault of his own, our son would make no connection between the efforts his mum and I went to and the lifestyle we now lived. We were short on time but long on convenience.

This was a large part of the motivation to take #1MillionMinutes. Although we don’t have any income for 2 years, we actually see it as a long term investment. An investment in our son’s understanding of what real work looks like. Sweat, pain, commitment and persistence.

This week I was quite chuffed when our son insisted on helping me move some steel into the garage. And the best bit is, he insisted. He told his mum that he needed to finish lunch fast because “Daddy needs my help”. And now we have a towering pile of steel that we both built and he shows it to all our visitors. He already feels like he’s helped build the house and I couldn’t be happier.

Posted on February 6, 2016 in Love & Life

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