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Iron Matrix

If you image search “Iron Matrix”, you’ll find a bunch of pictures related to us (thanks Domain) and also this, the Fukang Meteorite. A matrix of nickel-iron fused with translucent olivine crystals that was discovered in the Gobi desert in 2000. A polished slice like this one costs tens of thousands of dollars. I think…

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Robot Love

The first fatal autonomous car crash involved a man who’d previously brought himself some minor YouTube fame by uploading a video of his Tesla avoiding a collision while in Autopilot mode. He’d credited his life to the car he’d affectionally named “Tessy”. He was quite sure Tessy had his back and was looking out for…

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Over Analysis

It’s possible we over analyse things in this house. We ask “why?” alot and study the anatomy of a good ‘Dad joke’. The result? “Daddy, what’s the Easter Bunny’s favourite disease? ……. Eggczema.” I see therapy bills in our future.

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