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New Doors

We need better doors. These things have been keeping me up at night so I finally decided to move the office to site. Measure three times, design twice and cut once…. I hope.


A super write up about Iron Matrix and our the first ever Pitch to investors in StartupSnaps.

Betting on PV

The world is changing. For the last hundred years we as a planet enjoyed the enormous benefits of fossil fuel production. What’s was so amazing about this energy source was the shear amount of energy returned for the amount of energy required to extract. It used to be 20-40 times (20-40x). But not anymore. As…

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Space Time

The face of a six-year-old trying to comprehend watching earth from a distant star today and seeing dinosaurs roaming around. Space-Time for First Graders.

Lower Carbon Energy

I believe lower carbon energy will be driven by thermodynamics, not morality. When mining, transporting and maintaining complex equipment gets harder and harder every day, a few hundred thousand pieces of photovoltaic silicon, with no moving parts, starts looking pretty attractive. Focus should be on ways to make solar even more efficient and lower cost….…

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Driveways are soooOOoooo 2019….

The Things We Do

An Australian Engineer fell in love with a girl who didn’t like camping. So he’s spent the last 2 years designing and building this luxury, off-grid, solar powered home. Now they’re married and she’s about to have his second baby.

Good Engineering

Good engineering is about imagining what might go wrong and then designing it out. We haven’t had any major issues until today. I never imagined crows stealing the sealing tape to line their nests. The bad engineer just adds a scarecrow.

Pitch Competition

This was the first week we started to seek funding. So why not make my fist ever Pitch at Australia’s largest startup conference Pitching Competition? Out of the 111 companies, Iron Matrix made it to through 3 rounds to be part of the final 6 presenting on the big stage in front of a massive…

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