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“What do you do?” “We’re building a house outside the city.” “What? Like a log cabin?” “………….. No.”

Design Rules

A number of design rules got applied to this build. “No externally visible screws or bolts” was insanely difficult to stick to over the course of an entire build. On Friday we sat and stared at those 3 barge boards for 4 hours trying to work out how to attach them without visible fixings. We…

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Sticks and Balls

11 years ago I bought these magnetic sticks and balls to work out which shapes would best tessellate to form a structure. A house one day maybe.


I didn’t think I’d enjoy the non-engineering aesthetic parts of this build… but I do!

Touched By Nature

I used to sit behind a desk for hours a day. Now I’m surrounded by nature….


19 more days of this until it becomes a habit.

Deck Beers

May it be the first of many.


This week we transition to being off-grid by adding batteries and charger/ inverters. By the time we’re finished we’ll have 12 kilowatts of panels and an extra few extra from wind turbines. That *should* be enough to provide more than enough energy for our daily needs and if it’s not, we just have to add…

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Leach Drains

Leach Drain excavation. That composting toilet doesn’t seem like such a bad idea anymore. The things we do for poo.


If you’re looking for the meaning of life – physics has the answer. Every innovation, technological breakthrough or biological evolution always creates the same thing – more energy dispersion. Increased Entropy. And has done so each and every day of the last 3.8 billion years. It’s become a guiding principle for these 1 Million Minutes.…

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