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This week we decided it was time for internal stairs. Possibly inspired by the snake we spotted. I think we’re also going to need a stair hammock.  


First day back at the house for a couple of weeks and a timely reminder that summer is here…. 😬(No it wasn’t us)

Autonomous Welding

First robotic welder component arrived this week. How will it be used? No idea. Still have to work out how to control it. Time for some online training….

Knowledge & Experience

These 1MillionMinutes began when we decided knowledge and experience was more valuable than money.


Our abilities peak at different times in our lives. I’m looking forward to “Peak Focu….. squirrel! So cute.

Guilt Free A/C

Guilt free air conditioning has got me excited this week. Your average “5kW” spilt system air conditioner (1kW motor), costs around $1,500 installed and $200 per year to run (avg. 2hr/d). Ours will do the same amount of work over a year but will run 8-12 hours per day storing its cooling power in a…

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Workwork Phase

Entering the Woodworking Phase. That, girls and boys, is how you clear a road and lay down 36 square meters of decking stringers in under 6 hours….

Fire Rain

Some fire rain marks goodbye to the wet and cold season and hello to the hot and dry. The perfect Saturday night.

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