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Autonomous Bus

The world’s second government sanctioned autonomous vehicle trail is right here in Perth, Western Australia. The RAC Intellibus travels at a rather pedestrian 11km/hr up and down the South Perth river foreshore. Hardly death defying although we did experience one emergency stop. We had to give way to a puddle. No so exciting until you…

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Batteries …. are the Key

These are the first batteries for our off-grid house. You’ll hear that solar is cheaper than coal, and it’s true. The problem today … is storage. These 135kg (300lb) of batteries would drive the car they’re sat in about 20km (12 mi) and provide a house about 10-15% of its daily electricity use. Around 75…

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What Design Can Do

Given I laughed my own bollocks clean off, I feel it only fair to grant you full permission to mercilessly crack a spleen over my first ever video production. And while you’re there, remember to vote us up the “What Design Can Do” project list and have a look around at what others are doing.…

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Had to make a short video today. You’d be astounded at the level of professionalism. Not in a good way. Turns out if you point a camera at me, I’ll forget my own name. Thank goodness for cardboard with a hole in it.


All sealed up. Warm and dry. A few more external finishes and we’ll start on the inside. It’s been a lot of work but never overwhelming. A few years ago we were always looking to finish and move on. That discomfort disappears when you realise you’re already here. A solar powered glass box on a…

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Spring Art

Spring has sprung. Inspired this art, by my mum.

Ofis Bilding

“Ofis Bildings should have a flat green roof with trees on them.” What a good idea.

Infrared Camera

Forget about face recognition, you want an infrared camera on your iPhone X to check thermal leakage in your home. “It’s possibly that the phone will pay for itself within a year on electricity bills”……”Honey?”


I was chatting recently with someone struggling to deal with a loved one suffering from trauma. It’s never easy for the sufferer or those around them but a bit of understanding and appreciation of how and why people are traumatised can go a long way to ease the impacts. And really, we can all suffer…

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Deeper Conversations

Life is too short to waste it talking about weather, food and football….. give me a good “meaning of life” conversation any day.

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