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It’s about time we had a few more robots around here helping out. You know when companies in China are replacing welders with robots that its time to take note. The technology is becoming better and cheaper every month. There is no doubt that many people are going to lose their jobs to robots in…

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When startup life gives you roadblocks, you can either get upset or make s’mores. A lot of them …. and a coffee table….. maybe a few chairs. Oooo and a bird feeder. Spice rack for Mother’s day?

Spot the Difference

Still not sure about the awnings yet. Leaning toward a deciduous vine through wires. Covered in summer, open in winter but it would take years to establish.

First Stringer

First bay of decking stringers. Never built a deck like this before but then again, never built a house like this before. Actually, never built any house before. Just as well we designed it for noobs. In a few months there will be beer, BBQ and sunshine enjoyed on this very spot.


Future Transport

“Honey I’m home” One day this will be a reality. That house we built “an hour out of the city” will become “15 minutes out of the city”. Maybe soon, maybe later. But definitely before I die. Quite possibly a few minutes before I die but if you’re gonna die, you may as well die…

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Instant Waterfall

Its hard to dislike rainy days when they give you an instant waterfall.

Mrs Nevercamp

Even Mrs Nevercamp is starting to think waking up here might be something she could get used to.

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