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Last Design Element

The first set of doors bounced around in imagination land for three years before this week going to the drawing board, getting made and installed. The next 8 doors took 3 hours. These things needed to pivot, seal, lock, not squish little fingers and as an added bonus, open automatically without handles using magnetic locks…

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Work Satisfaction

One of the most satisfying things about this work is what gets imagined on Saturday can be drawn on Sunday and made on Monday. Helps when it works first time as well.  

Life without Geometry

It’s been a design week for the last two items – opening windows and doors. At school I once wondered what practical application there’d be for geometry and physics. Now here I am designing a window to open by itself but not allow a child to fall out of it. Life without geometry is pointless.

Future Technology

Body machine interface, nuclear batteries, energy self sufficient homes. I for one, can, not, wait.

Rendering to Reality

From render to reality, the journey continues. After much debate, the glass at ground level has gone. Cutting tempered glass to match the ground level was never all that smart. And, those rocks seem to grow out of the ground and roll down the hill. We’ve settled on Aluminium Sandwich panels with a rusted mesh to…

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Day Off

Took the day off work and just soaked up being out here. Perfect.


Spent the day cutting and drilling. Didn’t feel like too much progress was being made. Thought I’d better look back over the last 9 months…

Drone Footage

​You can tell a competent drone pilot from a not so competent one because the drone will move one way and then back the other after the pilot works out what the control does. The pilot will also have limited footage because they are waiting on new parts to arrive after they crashed it.

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