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Sub Floor Time Lapse

More repeatability = less energy. Less energy = lower cost. Here’s 16 square meters of sub-flooring being made in under 8 minutes. At this rate, we could have made floors for the whole house is under 2 hours…. could have. Didn’t.

Energy from Water

Now that the external engineering is nearing completion the focus is moving to internals….. like utility engineering. We’re planning to make the first home entirely off-grid, powered by solar with battery storage. One of the biggest energy consumers in a home is HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning). Solar electricity for air conditioners will have…

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Wife came to visit. Parked her car on the roof.

Mid Winter

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year. The depths of winter. What a struggle…

New Drone

Offering a new perspective. Luckily we had a perfect, windless day to learn how to fly a new drone. Jerky, poorly framed and edited video to follow….

Motor Generator

His (our) first bit of robotic lego. What he doesn’t know yet is that motors work as generators if you spin them backwards. When he’s bored with this, the parts will be used to make his first electricity producing wind turbine… gotta get ’em while they’re young….

The Future of Work

This is quite amazing. A glimpse into the future of employment. I’ve always hoped there’d be someone who could help us out with architectural and interior design. Because this was a whole new building method, I wanted someone who would also think in whole new ways. They’d have the idealism of student but with enough…

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Patch Slide

I’ve been told that some investors have the attention span of a one-eyed, hyperactive goldfish. For these people, the ideal number of slides in a pitch deck ……. is one. Compressing ten years of thinking into one picture wasn’t easy but here it is ….. any feedback appreciated.

Lowering Costs per Kilowatt-Hour

Having the US pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement has been a bitter disappointment for many. There is however, a reasonable argument suggesting that real change cannot wait for government. Real change comes from meaningful action not expressions of disappointment. Alternatives to carbon based energy generation will be displaced, not when we want…

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Designer Meeting

Waiting to start a meeting with the first Architect to ever look at Iron Matrix. Nervous… this shit is getting real. About to discover how bad my CAD skills are….

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