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Roof Install

Some days the 5-minute time lapse increment isn’t quite enough. Here’s 40 square meters of roofing getting installed in less than 30 minutes. It did take the whole of the next day to tie it down and another whole day to plumb it in. Time that we already know we could cut into a quarter…

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Glass and Grass

Bit more glass, a bit more grass and a plumbed in upper story roof. Managed to squeeze 6 more work days in between rain and trips to Sydney in the last 2 weeks. There may well have been a couple of hours wasted watching fog and kangaroos.

Morning Tea

There are worse places to enjoy morning tea.

Nerd Nirvana

These whole 1MillionMinutes have been quite exciting for an Engineer but we’re about to enter a whole new phase of nerd nirvana. Iron Matrix will become a compelling alternative to traditional building when we can build a better house at lower cost. That’s our #1 objective. But in order to get there, we’re going to…

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On a High

Working 30ft off the ground, on a structure we made, during a perfect autumn day with a view like this. Best job in the world. And we’re planning to make it possible for anyone to do this.

Hanging Around

At least some people are enjoying the view while others are slaving away in the office.

Stage 1

This week the sun sets* on Stage 1 of the EnergyLab Clean Energy Accelerator program. After 6 weeks we’ve gone from teams populated by bunches of unorganized dreamers to honed groups of commercial savvy, elevator pitching, investment ready dynamos with a clear business plan….. supposedly. It’s fascinating to me that much of this work is…

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Business Plan

For the last month, work has been focused on developing a Business Plan. Here’s our value proposition. Feedback is very welcome and appreciated. _______________ Iron Matrix was developed to align with the fundamental science that governs our universe – Thermodynamics, the study of energy. It is proposed that all successful businesses ultimately realize value by…

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Things are starting to get busy around here. The good news is I’m only buried up to my ankles. The bad news is I’m in head first.

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