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Roller Coaster

To be honest, I thought these first 6 weeks were going to be a bit of a cake walk. It was all in my head, I just needed the time to write it all down. Wrong! Once you’re forced to put together a business plan that you may well present to other people, it begins…

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Perth Welding

For all your welding needs in Perth. Give Zack a call. He work with Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and the quality is excellent. Custom Projects are his specialty. He can work things out with you or build to your plans.

Lumps of Coal

​How many equivalent lumps of coal are your energy needs each day? And, how much actual work is that? These were some of the questions raised during discussions at EnergyLab this week. Reasonable questions. Possibly rhetorical. Do engineers understand rhetorical? If I lift a 10 liter bucket of water off the ground and put it…

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Business Cards

I’ve met more people in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last ten years. A lack of Business Cards was becoming embarrassing. I was delaying the discomfort of choosing a title. I might well be guilty of previously sniggering at those who refer to themselves as the Chief Executive Officer of a…

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We truly are in exciting times! It’s been a whirlwind around here the last few weeks but we’ve found our new rhythm. Much to all of our surprise, as exciting as it is, it has not been stressful. This is new for us as a family – major change being calm and enjoyable. We used…

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One week Construction Laborer, the next….. Academia!!!? Not in a million years did I ever imagine….


This was the first week of a whole new #1MillionMinutes. We’ve been invited to join Australia’s first and brand new, clean energy startup accelerator called EnergyLab. Based at the University of Technology Sydney, EnergyLab supports and makes equity investments in innovative, early stage, clean energy companies. Their goal is to help mature a company’s commercialisation…

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Time Lapse

We’ve stitched together all the time lapse videos for a presentation. Here’s five months of construction in two and a half minutes.


Over the next 1MillionMinutes we’re endeavoring to start a company. I’m conscious of how the behaviors of those who start a company can drive its culture for years to come. It’s always been clear in my mind that there’s one thing I’d value in a company above all else. People with integrity. For me, this…

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