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Iron Matrix

Two weeks ago, we pitched our housing design to a group of people in Sydney. I’m pleased to say our record of success currently stands at 100%. One from one. The pitch however, took 25 years to prepare. At engineering school, you’re taught how to analyse things from first principles. Physical behaviors can be viewed…

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30% Glass

We’ve handled each and every piece but still wonder, “how the hell did we build that?”. Happy birthday John, the construction genius that made all this possible. 30% of glass on.

The Office

Another tough day at the office.

New Beginnings

Unbelievably 1MillionMinutes is over but it turns out we’re just at the beginning. Two years ago we led the comfortable life of an international corporate career family. To the surprise of many, we decided to take two years off. Time to think, realign, spend time together and pursue what we felt was important. It wasn’t…

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Glass Phase

Today marks the beginning of the Glass Phase. There’s about a hundred and fifty more to mount in the frames and install. We can do about six per day so in another 25 work days the glass box on a hill will be just that.

Last Steel

It’s been a busy month for the 1MillionMinutes construction department, all two of us. The last pieces of structural steel were put in place Monday. That’s about 8 tonnes of steel all installed by hand, no crane and using the structure as its own scaffolding. The next milestone will be lock up.

Surprise Lesson

Today was possibly the most valuable day of 1MillionMinutes so far. Last Saturday our 5-year-old son and I went to the shops. We killed some time by visiting the toy section of the department store. A $15 kid’s Rubik’s caught his eye. I asked if he had any money to buy it and he said…

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Front Profile

As of today we have a full front profile of steel. It’s not going to get any wider or taller. For now.

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