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Upper Footprint

The hole for each pile is core drilled through the structure to ensure we’re drilling in the right location. The camera on an iPhone 6 is so good it can peak inside this dark hole and document what’s at the bottom without a flash. The upper level footprint is now complete. The rest of the…

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Play Time

After I spend the whole day bolting large pieces of steel together, this is what he wants to play. Bolting small pieces of steel together. The small ones are a lot harder.

No Wonder

Twelve years ago, I wondered if it would be possible to design a house that could be built anywhere by anyone using just a few different parts without cranes or heavy equipment. I wasn’t going to die wondering. There’s already more fear, sweat and brain cells invested in this picture than I truly care to…

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2 Weeks of Work

In the last 2 weeks we’ve have over 200mm (8″) of unseasonal rain. Lots of green shoots have popped up as did a third of a house. That’s a 1,000kg of steel per person, per week (some people may have carried more kgs than others). Last part of the second level starts next week.

Child’s Play

He doesn’t always make his bed but he did make his bedroom. Turns out this house can be assembled by a five year old.


Australian electricity prices have been rising steadily. People blame renewables because when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow, coal and gas powered generators are still required to meet demand. The total cost of electrical grid infrastructure has gone up and so has the price. We can either complain about it or just…

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Greatest Dunny

The whole footprint is down. The wife would like a large bath on that outer corner. I’m trying to get a toilet there. We probably won’t win any fancy architectural awards but we could have Western Australia’s greatest dunny.

CAD Morph

A morph showing what things will hopefully look like in a few months. Lining up a CAD model with a photo’s position, direction and angle of view is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

Engineering Art

From imagination to fabrication in less than 3 hours. I call it ‘Brackets of a Suspended Floor’. Engineering Art … isn’t it?

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