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4 Month Time Lapse

Time lapse over the last 4 months. Next week we get to start going upwards on the third and final stage.

Final Foundation

Thirty six piles drilled later and the final pieces of foundation steel are finally in. By far the hardest slog so far but at least we’re getting quicker. What took 4 months last year, took 2 weeks this year.

Bubble Mystery

Can you solve this mystery? The bubble kept moving back and forth the same distance continuously. The tripod is solid, the theodolite is solid. It’s not the wind. What’s going on?

Getting To Grips

Until now it’s been really hard for me to appreciate this whole house project that we’ve embarked on and to be honest, I’m still trying to understand it entirely. It’s not anything that I‘d ever imagined or dreamt of doing.   I’d like to say that I have always been 100% supportive and excited about…

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Copying Nature

The most elegant designs are those created through the process of trial and error over periods exceeding billions of years. So when developing something new, it makes sense to try and copy nature. One of the big challenges with pre-fabricated structures is dimensional control. When bolting large pieces together, a bolt hole drilled with a…

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First Night

The first night spent in tents at the new house and a bit of long exposure photography to check our true North orientation.

4am Starts

4am Starts to beat the heat. Worth it for the sunrise.

Rope Swing

iPad: 0 Tree-n-Rope: 1

Ozzie Design

It is necessary that all products developed in Australia incorporate within their design, an emergency bottle opener. Pronounced “boddle owpna”.

XMas Wrap

What? No!… but actually……. yes…… absolutely yes. Here’s to doing more for less in 2017. (not endorsed by all members of 1MillionMinutes)

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