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Now is the Time

I don’t get it. People saying “My hope lays in future generations” when they’ve only just turned forty. You had ten years of being a kid, ten years of education, ten years of seeking love and vocation and then ten years of desperately getting to grips with the responsibilities of whatever path you chose. And…

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Virtually Nothing

Limited progress this week with just some fire season prep and half a strip of solar panels. Also, the boy and I discovered Minecraft. Coincidence?

14 Days of Steel

Here it is, 14 days and two levels of steel installation in 28 seconds. It looks quite busy but I’ve deleted all the frames when we weren’t there, having lunch and the time the drone got lost because it blew away etc etc.

Cleanse #2

As you may recall, last year I indulged in a beautiful cleansing retreat;  It was the most thorough and relaxing cleanse I have ever done and the benefits were lasting. Most notably, and what really changed my life over the past year, was the complete disappearance of hay fever and pollen allergies as well…

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Stage 2 Level 2

All steel is in place and we had a surprise visitor drop in this week.

North West Face

I’ve been waiting for this photo, the North West profile complete. It’s become a monument, built by hand, in celebration of crazy ideas that refuse to die.

Technical Knowledge

The only technical knowledge one needs to build a house like this is “righty tighty” and “lefty loosey”. More tighty than loosey.

Time Lapse 2

Here’s nine days of work compressed into 35 seconds.

Drone View

A drone’s eye view. A bit too much wind and a bit too little skill meant this was the only picture I managed to get of the structure after 15 minutes of flight time.

Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked. Progress to Level 2.” I love this game.

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