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Happy Halloween

That shirt is a lot more masculine than this photo might lead you to believe.

Dark Times

Maybe existential sadness follows a denial of potential. This can happen to anyone anywhere. Happiness is less about what you have and what you’ve done but rather what is possible and whether or not you’re on a path to realizing it. Appreciating this was one of the motivations we had for taking these #1MillionMinutes. It’s…

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Solar Roof

As suspected, we saw the release of solar tiles from the recent Tesla-Solar City merger. No word on cost as yet. Probably because cost will be a function of manufacturing scale. No doubt there will be a period that requires investment from early adopters. We’re also yet to find out how many watts per…

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Steel Time Lapse

Four dry days in row and we were able to make some pretty good progress.

Left Hand

the most work this hand ever did was tapping out emails on the left half of a keyboard. It now knows better. Although I normally wear gloves whenever possible, it was nut and bolt assembly day, so things got a little dirty.

Out of The Bag

All the parts are ordered so we know the cost. Construction times are now known. Certification and permits are in place. I think we might just pull this off! #1MillionMinutes

Fly Around

A quick seven second fly around in fifty one frames. For each frame the computer calculates the way the light travels from the sun, reflects off objects inside the house and back out through the glass which would explain why it took 48 straight hours of computer time to generate it.

Light Work

There I was, hard at work, when someone turned off all the lights and placed a stopped down 8mm lens strategically pointed at my face to ensure the barrel distortion didn’t make my head look massive. I tell you what, it was all I could do to avoid the distraction, work the grinder but without…

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Phase 1 – Foundations

Foundations are by far the most labor intensive part of the build. We’ve decided (just last week) that we’ll split the rest of the house into 2 phases. Why? Because we were getting bored of doing the same thing for 3 weeks in a row. So here’s the end of Phase 1 – Foundations. Next…

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Integrated Solar Panels

Solar panels are expensive but one way to make them cheaper is to use them where you might otherwise need a flat panel anyway. Like a roof or a wall. Being able to do this was on the top of our list of design considerations. I’m not sure what Tesla/ Solar city are going to…

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