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CAD Morph

Many CAD renderings are generated from models with just enough detail to get a visual sense of the final product. Because we have a limited number of different parts, our CAD model is nut for nut and bolt for bolt, just as it will be constructed. As we progress we’ll see how close the final…

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Owner Builder

Things around here just got official.

Love Hearts for Aboriginal People

We recently made the very difficult decision to move our son from his Montessori school.  He was quite happy there, had lots of friends, liked his teacher and was learning a lot. We both liked the Montessori philosophy and really didn’t want to disrupt his world but, we just didn’t see that the tuition dollars…

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House Progress

over the last few weeks. Foundations are the slowest part of the build because we’re drilling into pure granite mostly. Even so, progress has been ten times quicker than it was on the test build which started 12 months ago.

Penetrometer Fun

What could be more fun than hanging out with three engineers and a dynamic penetrometer?* This week we got some additional testing done to see if the bearing capacity of the soil at the bottom of our piles might be better than what was conservatively assumed during the certification. Turns out its up 3-4 times…

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Iron Matrix

We’ve st up a new website to detail for the modular steel house design which we’ve called Iron Matrix. Please go visit which will soon be merged with  


The foundation frames sit on piles and can easily be adjusted up and down to make them perfectly horizontal. When the pool table goes in and we need to make it flat, it will be as easier to adjust the house than the table…… almost.

The Male

During the early days of spring, the male of the species spends his days working hard to create a nest in the hope that it makes him more attractive to the female. Also in this photo you can see some sort of bird.

Building Supervisor

This is Frank. He’s the self appointed resident building supervisor. He doesn’t say much. Doesn’t smile. Always looks miffed when we arrive. Now and again he sniffs the air in our direction but otherwise just ignores us. Each day after we leave, he inspects our work. I know this because he leaves freshly minted Frank…

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Building Permit Approved

Building Permit Approved! The first day of spring and the build can begin. Here’s what we’ve learned; – Designing a house is quite hard. – Doing all the drafting and drawing is a big challenge. – Getting all the certifications, approvals, permits to build a house yourself is very arduous. – Using a building method…

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