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Rock Breaking

One tiny change. I added one more pile to the drawings at the last minute so that the Structural drawings could be finalised. I knew we’d have to dig out a bit of soil but how hard could it be? About as hard as granite it turns out. A bit of excavation had us running…

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Desk Lunch

Had to eat my lunch at my desk again today. Damn it.

Design Compliance

Well stuff me with plastic burgers and toys and call me a Happy Meal. Following on from our Structural Certification, this week we got our final technical certification, the Certificate of Design Compliance. This one is issued by a registered building surveyor who reviews all the technical documents including Architectural Drawings, Energy Efficiency Report, Bushfire…

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You’re probably not as wealthy as you think you are.

Collectively we’ve either forgotten, ignore or have been distracted from the true measures of wellbeing and prosperity. There are common things we all value. Food, shelter, education, mobility and the health of ourselves and those who we care for. There are plenty of things that money can’t buy but for the rest, money has become…

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Self Driving Cars

A couple of weeks ago we posted about the distinct possibility of internal combustion (gasoline powered) cars becoming an archaic vestige in the next 15-20 years. Electric cars will be much simpler and require very little maintenance. The most expensive and complicated components will be wheels, motors and batteries all controlled by a computer.…

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People keep asking me when the scheduled completion date is for this project. It’s a natural question but most are surprised when I tell them “I have no idea. As soon as possible”. I’ve worked on enough projects to know that estimates of completion dates for things people have never done before is simply blind…

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Total Internal Reflection

If a ray of light hits a glass panel at an angle greater than its critical angle, you get a phenomenon known as total internal reflection. Instead of penetrating the glass, the light is mostly reflected away. To take full advantage of this, we’ve placed all of our walls at exactly 45 degrees to Solar…

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Structural Certification

Its’ been a big week for the ‪#‎1MillionMinutes‬ construction department with the signing off of our Structural Drawings by a Certifying Structural Engineer. In January I took the first tentative step to discuss the concept with a structural engineer, half expecting to be laughed out of the office. Seven months later, thanks to some…

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