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Despite being over two thirds of our way through our 1MillionMinutes, I still remember that Smonday feeling and really don’t need it back.

Stacking and Packing

Stacking and Packing. The smaller the space these parts take up, the cheaper and easier it will be to move them around. Most prefab structures go to remote sites but end up close to main roads because that’s as far as they can be moved. What we’re hoping is that this whole structure can be…

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New Ways to Learn

Today I learnt more about computers than I did during a whole Engineering Degree 19 years ago. And the thanks go to a kid on the other side of the world who wasn’t even born when I finished. With millions of YouTube views it’s doubtful he’ll ever fully appreciate the impact he has. What I…

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The truth is this whole thing is just a Meccano set. Except it’s more serious. Bigger. And gets delivered on a truck. It’s a trucked-in seriously big Meccano set. And a truck load of fun to work (play) with too.

A New Age of Energy

It is very possible that we will soon witness a significant shift in our relationship with oil and gas. Throughout history, many world altering events were driven by one thing – access to new forms of energy. Why? Because energy is the foundation for prosperity. Historically, step wise improvement in living standards began when we…

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Pokemon Go

Maybe we shouldn’t be so critical of those people completely absorbed by this whole Pokémon Go thing. But that’s not to say we can’t mess with them a little bit, yeah? My advice – search google for an image of a custard gerbil awkwardly impaled on a lightning bolt.  Manipulate the picture to create some…

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Cameron’s Jig

Yesterday I was most amused to learn that David Cameron concluded his resignation speech by humming a little ditty caught on a mic that was still live. Upon realizing the tune was nothing recognizable, people started making up their own. Without an alarm clock to worry about last night, I decided I could spare an…

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More Stromatolites

More pics of Stromatolites because any organism that survives multiple mass extinction events over the span of a few billion years and doesn’t change one little bit, deserves some respect.  

A Window to Our Past

A window to our past. The Stromatolites of Shark Bay in Western Australia. Cyanobacteria use carbon dioxide, water and sunlight to create these structures that have oxygenated earth for the last three and a half billion years. The earliest form of life that still exist today and incredibly, a distant relative of us all. And…

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Nature Therapy

It takes about 50 minutes to drive here each day. Not once have I thought it wasn’t worth the effort and I must have done it now over 100 times. After living in places where we could go weeks and months without being properly immersed in nature I fully support the claims that a bit…

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