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Oil Change

I still remember being shown how to gap a set of points and when I was this age. And I suspect when he’s my age this Diesel engine will be equally obsolete. However I also remember thinking that being an Engineer sounded interesting because I knew what an engine was. It’s the little things we…

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Glass Box

This glass-box-on-a-hill is starting to come together. The glass has a slight tint so less light comes out than goes in. The result is a wider viewing angle where the refractive index creates a mirror finish. One day I’ll line up the hill behind with the one in front and we might be able to…

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Flat Roof

A flat roof sounds great, right up until the point it needs to drain rain water and not leak. Blockages will overflow into the house so backup drainage points were required in each and every roof section. I wanted to ensure all parts could be easily removed and inspected and I wouldn’t accept any pipework…

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Roof Day

This was the week of roof. It took four years to design but less than a day to fit in, bolt up and tie down. Just the way I like it. The rest of the house should be even quicker. Next job is roof plumbing and the rest of the glass. A dry space to…

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Building bridges

Making time to build a bridge.

Test Corner

First two roof panels got tied down this week and the testing corner, as its now known, is almost complete with no more parts to be added except the decorative wood cladding around the top edge. The last thing to test is sealing to make everything water tight and ensure we get adequate roof drainage.…

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Truly North

At exactly 12:14 on June 1st, the sun was in its highest position for us in Western Australia and these are the shadow lines we have inside the structure. This confirms that we’ve managed to build the structure aligned with True North that we found in April last year. What this means is that…

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Zoetic Balance

I have resisted having a business website. It’s not that I don’t appreciate finding information on the web, nor that I don’t want to be a part of the 21st century, what it really comes down to is that I don’t believe that what I do is especially website-worthy.   It’s not a profession that…

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