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Morning DJ

Before school, the DJ at our house throws down a mix or two based on how he’s feeling that day. Don’t ask where he gets his samples from.

Safety in Design

One of the design features I’m most proud of with this structure is something that will never be seen. All of the construction can be done without scaffolding. There’s no need to ever stand somewhere that doesn’t have a barricade to stop an accidental fall. All windows and roof panels can be installed from inside…

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“What do you need an excavator for?” she once said. Well clearly my dear, you’re underestimating the depth of trouble I’m capable of getting myself into. Not only did I slip off this road while backing out in horrendous conditions but did so in a way that had me nicely wedged between a large rock…

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In the end we got 22 millimetres deflection, less than the allowable 30. The Structural engineer and I were most pleased. The test was concluded with a hearty handshake. That’s the equivalent of a teary hug between male-engineers. We all enjoyed the adrenalin rush of seeing 1,850 kilograms suspended on a 6 meter beam. Made…

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The Test

This might well be the most pleasing picture of this whole project. Not by virtue of what’s there but because it’s all, still, there. The day before we pumped 1.7 tones of water, the equivalent of one and a half Toyota Corollas, on top of three roof modules. A span of steel 2 meters wide,…

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Office Towers

People watching while waiting in the lobby of a large office tower the other day my head and heart hurt. How have how we as a species gotten to this place where living means being captive for most of the day in a tall building to make money? If we knew this was where we…

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Progress hit the skids this week after running the deflection test. The test we ran was quite onerous. It’s equivalent of sitting in your recliner on the second story of your house and having someone park a small truck next to you (1.8 tones). Over the 6 meter span we tested, if the floor deflects…

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Now that the building structure is starting to get close to being finalized, attention can start turning to the internals. First internal rendering was done but if the external structure design process is anything to go by, this drawing simply serves to show just what it won’t end up looking like.

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