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Echidna Spotting

I was searching for a lost pocket handkerchief when I came across this lovely little animal. I should fairly say, I’ve been somewhat disappointed that my shirts remain unironed since our encounter.

Roof Panels

These are the final pieces of this 3D jig-saw puzzle. The roof panels. In order to bend them into shape the very clever gentleman doing the fabrication for me made a bending machine using only his imagination, skill and a drawing I gave him of the final product. Once these are mounted and sealed, that’s…

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Letting Go

So, it turns out that taking time out and simplifying life gives one a whole lot of time to reflect. For most of my adult life I have tried to be conscious and reflect on my thoughts and behaviours in an effort to grow and be the most compassionate, thoughtful and knowledgeable person that I…

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Sunday Work

A bit more welding than I’d planned for a Sunday. 28 pieces, 672 separate welds, 18.5 meters of weld bead. I’d pay someone else about $20 dollars per piece for fabrication of this quantity. So $560 for 5 hours work, tax free because it’s for myself. With this sort of work comes the satisfaction that…

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This week we bolted on a single cantilevered section just to see how strong it felt and how much it would deflect under load. This is not part of our current design but we thought it would be interesting to see what’s possible at the extreme. We managed to bolt on this section on in…

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Rolling Mist

I was half expecting to see a girl with a bow and arrow running up the hill to escape it.

Winter is Coming

This morning we were enveloped by mist. Winter is coming, it’s hard to believe only a month ago we were complaining the 42deg C days. We need a roof, soon! (photos by John)

Time Lapse 2

This week we took delivery of the remaining pre-fabricated vertical sections allowing the rest of the wall and ceiling steel to be erected within a few hours. Next week we’ll put on the outer roof steel and a canter levered test section. After chatting with the structural engineer we both decided to do some deflection…

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Rendering to Reality

From rendering to reality – the transition continues.


1MillionMinutes has been profiled in the Lifestyle and Parenting blog, SlowMama. Much thanks to Zoe Saint-Paul for taking the time to the to share our story.

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