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Fear of the Desk

Days like this make the idea of going back to a desk job rather unattractive.

A Shame

The best parenting advice I ever received was something that seems obvious in hindsight. One day I asked a colleague why he thought his teenage kids were so confident and family orientated. His advice – don’t embarrass your kids in front of other people and especially their friends. Since returning to Australia I’ve been surprised…

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This was the week of the first span. No one wants big pillars in the middle of their rooms so it was important that this steel design can span a reasonable distance. We had a few options on how to stiffen up a long section if required but I was hoping it would be strong…

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A Hole

How about living in a hole in the ground with a view? I think I’m in love.

Half Past Summer

20th March 2016. East Perth, Western Australia.

Construction Progress

It’s been a big week in 1MillionMinutes. We can finally sit back on a flat floor and enjoy the view. Owner-Builder certification has been approved which proved no simple feat. Flat roof drain panel design has been finalised. First revision of structural drawings issued and I’ve been lucky enough to source a local fabricator for…

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Extraction Energy

Each one of these cute little trucks burns through more than 100 litres (26 gallons) of diesel every hour in its V16 engine. It takes seven of them to do the 45 minute round trip in and out of the 600m deep hole to make an amount of gold the size of a golf ball.…

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A Big Hole

Spent the day looking at a hole that took over 100 years to dig chasing gold. Those veins of mineralised rock were formed by ancient volcanos. A billion-year-old slice through earth’s geological history. If we compressed all that time into one year, your lifetime would less than three seconds.

Time Lapse

This is the first week of having a construction time lapse camera in place. It’s strapped to a very substantial tree so that slow pan can only be because the tree is slowly twisting. Why? I can’t explain.

House Shapes

After discovering an error in the topographic survey (operator error), we went back to the drawing board and changed the house shape to better match the landscape. After thirty-seven more iterations over 48 hours, this one evolved as the winner. With a finalized layout (yet again), we can now finish drawings for structural certification and…

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