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Moving on Up

We’re moving on up. That Cheshire Cat grin is because that flooring cassette I’m standing on is rock solid and the first vertical section went in very easily and was stiffer than a welded connection. Neither of these parts had come together before so there was plenty of opportunity for nasty surprises. Thankfully there were…

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Economies of Scale

These are the first vertical members to be fabricated. The first one took six hours, the last one took 25 minutes. I’d like to get it down to 15. Although we’re using a lot of steel, we’re hoping to get economies of scale on manufacturing. There are only three different pieces of steel for the…

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First Swimming Lesson

Is there anything worse than seeing small children being forced out of there comfort zone around water by their parents? Any child who has spent more than a few months outside the amniotic Shangri-la, doesn’t react well to having their face underwater. And understandably so. We all share natural instincts that encourage us to avoid…

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Valentine’s Day

Made for his mother. Eaten for her as well. Happy Valentine’s Day.

2016 Financial Crisis

So far 2016 has been a year of worldwide economic turmoil. Although impossible predict when it would start, we’ve been preparing for such times. If there’s an insight as to why and how we started ‪#‎1MillionMinutes‬, it’s in this this post. The intertwined mechanics of global economies are so enormously complex that trying to predict…

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House Design Questions

A few questions we asked ourselves when designing this house; – Why not have solar panels instead of walls? – Why not have a flat roof to enjoy the view? – Why not make it flexible so that rooms can be added and utilities easily moved? – Why not make it air tight to avoid…

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A Little Hard Work

Twelve months ago, our son thought my job was riding a motorbike and playing on an iPhone. That’s pretty much all he ever saw me do. I enjoyed work and we lived comfortably. There was really nothing to be ungrateful for. But I’d developed a fear that our son wouldn’t understand what real work was.…

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