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’til Death Us Do Part

In recent years I’ve helped negotiate some construction deals and “‘til death us do part” is a killer contract clause. Shouldn’t a declaration of love also mean you wish a person always be happy? If so, why have them commit to being together even if they’re miserable? When some people get married I suspect they…

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3D Laser Cutting

This week I get to take delivery of my first batch of 3D Laser Cut Steel. Laser cutting sheet steel is quite common (2D) but this machine cuts hollow steel sections within a micro-millimetre of perfection for any shape and any orientation. Give it the CAD drawing and it does the rest without any swarf,…

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Passing Time

The presence of a growing child is like a clock that reminds you of your age every day.


“Well, another day has passed by and I still didn’t use algebra once” Not something I get to say these days. This is a drainage panel for the roof of our house. It’s a three dimensional shape that needs to be made by bending a flat sheet. It took a lot more time and Pythagoras…

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My wife swears she didn’t put him up to it….. “Daddy can we play Superheroes together? I’ll be Spider-Man and you can be Thigh-Master”

Structural Review

Yesterday we had the most harrowing hour of #1MillionMinutes so far. I was finally ready to meet with a structural engineer. Someone qualified to analyse and certify our design for the purposes of planning approvals. Without this, there’s no way to progress work on the house and the whole thing falls in a heap. I’d…

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i did it

i did it.  It seems so silly now to even think it would be important to write a post about it (hence the lower case letters). 365 days without making personal purchases.  I have to admit that when I set the reminder in my phone calendar a year ago, I thought it would be a…

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