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2016 Resolutions

Considering a New Year’s resolution? How about doing less rather than more? Here are some ideas from the first ten months of #1MillionMinutes. 1. Care less what others think. If you can derive a sense of value without relying on the opinions of others, you’ll be freer than you ever thought possible. 2. Give less…

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Pancake Hat

I was trying to make it look like he was wearing a hat and he was trying to make it look like I was wearing a pancake. I don’t know where he gets it from.


As of right now (about an hour ago), the earth is at a point on its orbit where its axis is the farthest from the sun. You’re either having the longest day in the southern hemisphere or the longest night in the northern hemisphere. This rock we’re on spins us around at 1,702kph (1070mph) and…

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Having dealt with various autoimmune conditions (fatigue, allergies, arthritis, eczema, gut issues) for most of my adult life, I have really spent time trying to understand my body and what makes me feel good and what causes undesirable symptoms. Initially, in my late teens I went down the pharmaceutical path for relief however I found…

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Shelley Cove

We visited here during the day and I decided to go back after sunset to get this shot. I needed some light to show those caves but only enough to permit a long exposure and produce that mist around the rocks where the white water was. It may look idilic. What it failed to capture…

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Ginger Bread House

As has become tradition, Dad is in charge of construction and Mom does decoration.

Looking Like Christmas

its starting to look a lo like Christmas…… In Australia.

Build Method

The build method we’re using is not your standard type of construction. If a picture tells a thousand words then we hope this video can save a few paragraphs of explanation. This isn’t the shape of what we’re planning but as we hope you can see, shape flexibility is one of the benefits of building…

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Human Heliostats

I’ve always wanted to do this. But never had enough friends. Human heliostats. Concentrated solar plants (CSP) have hundreds of mirrors reflecting sunlight toward a tower. The tower heats up water, makes steam and generates electricity. The tricky part of the operation are the heliostats. Hello = sun. Stat = stationary. Mirrors have to tilt…

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Drilling Granite

A few people have asked how I worked out how deep piles should be drilled. The truth is there’s no easy engineering for foundation piles. Western Australia has had its fair share of geotechnical engineering debacles on some very expensive projects.The best thing to do is set them, load them up to at least 150%…

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