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Marble Rollercoaster

In little boy heaven. Both of us.

These Little Piggies

… but these little piggies made their home from hot dipped galvanised, 100 millimetre square modular steel sections and the big bad wolf cried, “What on earth are you maniacs doing? How the hell am I supposed to blow that down?”. The little piggies laughed and laughed. So hard that one of them accidentally snorted.

The Joy of Receiving

It’s been 11 months now since I made the commitment to stop personal purchases and while it’s been a journey, I haven’t given it much thought in the last few months. I haven’t really noticed my clothes at all other than that I’m now getting use out of my summer attire since the weather has…

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First Road

Having now spent around five hours behind the controls, my excavator skills have improved from “what on earth is that idiot trying to do” to, “mildly competent”. Previous attempts to make flat ground resulted in holes and mounds larger than when I started. Today I was actually able to make some flat(ter) ground that will…

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Extra Points

Scoring some extra-curricular points. It’s a lamp shade…… as if you had to ask…. or maybe a rabbit

Structural Engineering Pt II

I was pretty sure it was going to be a disaster. Feeding split pins through holes in four Popsicle sticks wasn’t the easiest job, I’d tried it the night before. Anyway, I figured we’d just be patient and see how far we got. At worse we’d all just make a triangle and declare structural engineering…

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Structural Engineering Class

Structural Engineering Class tomorrow. The main objective is to see the look on parent’s faces when their five year old proudly carries out of the classroom something that won’t fit in their car.

Stair Slide

How’s this for a set of stairs? I saw a picture of a house with a slide in it yesterday and thought I’d draw one up to see what it might look like. Maybe the conversation in your head went a little like mine, “Ha Ha Ha…. ha ha …. ha…. huh……. You know what?…

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Whole Hearted Parenting

1MillionMinutes has so many purposes for us but one of the most important is being present with our son and becoming more conscious as parents. Brene Brown’s Whole Hearted Parenting Manifesto is never far…×10.pdf

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