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Halloween Scare

Tried to do a tricky Halloween picture but it’s tough to do anything with a four year old around who needs to be involved in everything. In the end the final photo served to scare both of his parents. Arrgggghhhh, twins!

Slippery Slope

Building progress has entered the phase of being something where once there was nothing. Four of the shed foundation frames are in place, five to go. A typical construction on a slope would start with cut and fill ground works to establish a flat foundation surface. One of the design goals we had was to…

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Perth Dusk

Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time and luckily brought your camera with you. Perth Dusk, 26th October 2015, Waxing Gibbous 98% visible, no wind and a bonus bushfire on the horizon.

The Act of Worry

One thing I underestimated before 1MillionMinutes commenced was how bad I was at living in the present. A personal objectives for this time off was to better determine how to avoid worry and stress at work. In years prior, the act of constantly thinking and worrying about work problems was beginning to impact my health.…

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Everything we do

Everything we do creates entropy. And I believe an appreciation of this can provide clarity to almost everything in our lives. Entropy is a measure of how dispersed energy is. When we burn gasoline in our cars, we create entropy. When we light a candle we create entropy. When we eat a banana, we create…

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Pile Core Drilling

When building a steel structure, one of the typical site challenges is getting the foundations correctly located so that the bolting aligns with the steel work. Given that we’re on a 15 degree incline, this was always going to be particularly difficult, even with highly accurate surveying equipment, which I don’t own. So we’ve devised…

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Summer Begins

Perth summers begin when the first fish & chip picnics at Cottesloe Beach are had.  

The Crane

Making a crane was today’s after school project. Although we were both involved in its construction, only one of us is licensed to operate it ….. apparently.

Frame Fabrication

This week on ‘Playing House’ were making window frames. In this video it’s a case of two down, four hundred and fifty eight to go. One of the goals with this house was to design it such a way that many of the components would be repeatable. The hope is that there will be economies…

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First night spent out at the land in tents. We were hoping for a warm cloudless night and weren’t disappointed. What we didn’t anticipate were the talents of those who joined us. A couple of culinary campfire chefs and a master beer craftsman. A great night had by all and the first authentic, Australian, red…

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