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A marvellous night for a Moondance.


This weekend marked a significant milestone in our 1MillionMinutes journey.  We had the honor of having Uncle Ben Taylor, respected Noongar Elder and Order of Australia recipient, and his family out to our land to perform a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony.   Having Uncle Ben and his family share their history, their culture,…

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Ant Man

Inside every man is a boy and inside that boy is an ant. Inside that ant is the instinctual desire to lift stuff that weighs more than he does. And this makes them all happy.

Lunch Time

This is what lunchtime at my new office looks like.

Man Vs Toaster

It’s hard to appreciate how much energy we use on a daily basis. We tend to take for granted how much effort it would be to do the job of our most basic home appliances. If you think you have enough energy to toast a piece of bread, think again……

The #1MillionMinutes Headboard

The dull thud, of a small child’s head, hitting the wall, at the end of his bed. It was enough to motivate the purchase of a headboard. What we wanted was seven hundred bucks from the furniture store. When you have‪#‎1MillionMinutes‬ to spare, you can dedicate a few of them to save seven hundred dollars.…

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Engineering Class

  There’s no doubt that females are under represented in engineering. There are however doubts and arguments regarding what to do about it. Some companies use quotas which I don’t agree with. They can have adverse consequences and it doesn’t change the fact that there’s a limited supply. I’ve always argued that if you genuinely…

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“Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose yours” – Paulo Coelho

The Cost of Consumption

w that I am well and truly over the shopping fixation that I had over the past few years and my year of no shopping is 3 months away from being done, I’ve started to think about what life might be like when I start back into the world of personal consumption. While some parts…

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Given that we are now already a quarter of the way through 1MillionMinutes I decided to revisit all my personal goals to see how I’m tracking. Due to all of the renovations and sorting that we needed to do upon arrival in Perth, the items for myself got pushed to the side and I got…

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