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Her Side

Now it’s my turn to share a perspective on the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.  But first, I must confess to how reluctant I was to even think about getting it. I was excited about getting a hybrid and really liked the idea of being able to plug it in at home so it could run completely…

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What is Time?

As we approach yet another end to a work week, I though it opportune to consider for a moment, what is time? We all have an intuitive sense of time, regulated by the rotation of our planet relative to the sun. But is the passing of time real? The most accurate clocks currently used are…

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Technology Battles

Some people like to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship but for a nerd, new technology battles are far more entertaining. Flash memory killed the walkman. CMOS destroyed the analogue camera. GPS chips annihilated the map book. LCD screens exterminated the cathode ray tube TV. iPads in bed eliminated the need for intimacy with loved ones. All…

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Effort Economics

Here is an engineer’s view on economics and why I think we should be concerned. Money is what we use to trade things of value. We value anything that requires our own effort/ work. Saving represents your claim on future effort. If you want other people’s effort before you’ve earned it yourself, expect to pay…

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In the spirit of trying something new and reconnecting with ourselves, we decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and try Floating. What, you may ask, is floating? Well, basically you submerge in a float tank or capsule that is filled with over 500kgs of Epsom salt at 35.5 degrees Celsius and you float, in…

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Out of Time?

Not enough time in the day? Be thankful you didn’t live 300 million years ago when the earth spun faster and there were only 23 hours in each day. Due to the frictional effects of tides, the earth’s rotation slows down 1.7 milliseconds every 100 years. Even if you did live 300 million years ago,…

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Adventure Day

On what turned out to be a perfect winter’s afternoon, we took a hike and discovered this absolute gem of a picnic spot. A perfectly quiet and secluded little sanctuary buried deep in the far corner of a West Australian National Park. Less than an hour out of Perth, frequented by no one.

Engineered Meatballs

This is what happens when an engineer moves from the office to the kitchen…..

Back on the Wagon

Getting back on the wagon Here we are. Home. After six weeks of summer, adventures and food in North America. It was a good trip. A great trip really. We reconnected with family and friends, we explored the Canadian Rockies and prairies, we saw dinosaur bones, and cowboys and steam boats, we harvested fresh fruit…

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Today we proved that it takes two engineers three hours to do what others could in about ten minutes. But if you think there’s another way for a nerd like myself to have more fun on his 40th birthday, you’d be wrong. Thanks for the fly-in-visit, buckets of laughs and learning to excavate with me.

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