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Magnus Walker

Here’s a guy who never let fear of the unknown stop him making the most out of his life. I was very much inspired by this guy last year when I saw his TED talk and then the Short Film Festive movie about his life and love of Porsche 911s. If you love cars or…

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Or maybe creativity is best inspired by circumstances where you simply don’t have the first clue as to what you’re doing!

The Excavator

I know what you see here. A middle aged man smiling like a deranged 10 year old. What’s actually going on bears an uncanny resemblance to that scene in Aliens where Sigourney Weaver jumps into that exoskeleton power loader. You remember… After driving the bucket into the ground and scooping my first load, I…

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The Theodolite

If you’re going to build some stuff, one of the best toys a nerd can have is a Theodolite (or a ‘Transit’ as its known in North America). This thing can work out the angle between two objects within 20 seconds of arc-angle accuracy up-down and left-right. Which in real world terms means you can…

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First Piece in Place

Big day in ‪#‎1MillionMinutes‬ history. First full work day at the land and first component back from the galvanizer’s and in place. This is the first test piece. If this one works as hoped then we’ll extrapolate its design for all the modules. Another 18 times for the shed and then ultimately another hundred times…

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Find the time for leaf boat races

We were walking to the market Saturday morning and of course he wanted to touch and play with everything on the way. We were running late and I was frustrated because all the fresh fruit and veggies sell early. As we passed this stream it reminded me of one of my earliest memories, throwing leaves…

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Heavy Going

“You want what? Made of actual stone? You must be joking. Do you know how heavy that sort of thing is?” Prior to ‪#‎1MillionMinutes‬ I had plenty of excuses for not wanting to buy such an item. None of them unreasonable. We all know ‘compromise’ is the key to a good relationship so I proposed…

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Plastic Construction

Preliminary construction works began this week with some heavy plastic equipment brought in, a Bulldozer, Excavator and a couple of Haulpaks. Progress wasn’t what we’d expected but there is now a small pile of rocks in one corner. First real ground breaking will happen soon but not before a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony to bless and cleanse the land.…

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Those Who Survey Together…

Once again proving that old adage, “Those who survey together, stay together”….. that’s it right? Either way she’s too invested in this crazy plan to escape now!

Ecs Ray App

A page dedicated to see how much traffic will be generated by a phony iPhone app. The iPhone neither transmits or senses electromagnetic radiation in the x-ray spectrum. Teach your kids science.

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