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Aerial Video

Here’s some aerial footage of the land taken from a toy drone. The video was taken about 6 months and 8 kilograms ago. We took a number of videos that day but this was the only one where I was able to stick the ‘hand-land’. The remaining landings were decidedly less glamorous.    


One of the things we can do during 1MillionMinutes is have pancakes for breakfast during the week. And because we have a 4 year old, it’s become EVERY day of the week. “Daddy, can you please make me heart shaped pancakes?” “Oh OK” I say begrudgingly. “See! You do love me!”……..Checkmate

Pressing Times

I just couldn’t do it. I was planning to give my new creation to someone to test but discovered this week I could buy my very own 20 ton hydraulic press for only a few hundred dollars. Why would I pay someone else to kick over my sandcastle when I can do it myself? My…

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Thanks to 1MillionMinutes, every day after normal school we get to have daddy-son learning time for things they may not teach in school. Today it was flying lessons. A necessary skill for all aspiring superheroes.

Sick Day

In the just over four years that I have been a stay at home mom I have never had a sick day (which I know is standard and even more of a reality for single parents). Yes, there have been days that I have been sick, so sick that my lovely husband stayed home from…

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Owner Builders

This weekend we took the first step toward permitting and approvals by completing the “Owner-Builder Course”. When applying for a building permit, this course contributes to a government points systems used to assess whether you’re crazy or just stupid. Thankfully, we came out as certified crazy. The first part of the course detailed all the…

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Life is really good. It’s always been really good but as we went through the process of planning for 1MillionMinutes there was a lot of fear that came up. Fear that it wouldn’t be possible turned into fear that it would happen. Fear about not having enough to do turned into fear of not having…

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Or as my wife exclaimed incredulously, “Honey! You actually made some sh*t!”. Her excited tone betrayed formerly guarded reservations concerning my ability to actually build something, anything, not on a computer. A fear we both shared but never discussed. It certainly took a lot longer than I thought but there were plenty of firsts setting…

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The Waterfall

Now that winter months are upon us, water has started flowing over the waterfall. This is the stream we’re hoping to harness some electricity generation from. For just under two thousand dollars, we can buy a Pelton Wheel generator that will provide around 2-3 kilowatts of power (when the water is running). It’s possible…

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First Arc

Welding got underway this week after what felt like an eternity. I’ve watched a bunch of instructional videos and was looking forward to ‘laying down my first bead’ with a MIG welder. Instead of jumping straight into the house component, common sense got the better of me and I decided to test things out on…

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