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The New Office

The first step toward the new house has been taken by clearing a work space. Here’s a before and after picture taken 24 hours apart with a solid 16 hours of organization in between. I anticipate a fair amount of the 1 million minutes will be spent in here this year fabricating and testing components.…

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How to Raise Boys

More sport, more hugs and more time with Dad. Some very sensible advice based on evolutionary psychology about raising boys.

1MillionMinutes Thought of the Day

The simple things in life are definitely the best, you just have to make time for them to find you.

Extra Challenge

Because unloading four shipping containers into a house with only enough room for two wasn’t enough of a challenge, we also decided to update the kitchen and backyard at the same time. I’ve done more manual labor in the last seven days then in the previous seven years. My body isn’t quite sure what’s going…

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Backyard Camping

It’s been over 3 weeks since we started 1 million minutes. Things have been frenetic with all the unpacking and fixing up of the house. Finally everything is out of boxes even if not entirely put together or yet in its place. This afternoon we finally got to do something on our list of ‘things…

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Looking into Nature

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Help is on the way

When we realized just how much work would be required to make an international move back to a house that was previously a rental (which required some minor renovations) and sort through 4 containers of our personal items while ensuring the safety of a three year old we knew we would need help. Not just…

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One of the most pleasant things about being back in Australia is being able to regularly see stars at night. We took this for granted when we were here previously and didn’t discover many other places in the world where the evening sky so clearly lights up like this. There’s nothing quite like being able…

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She doesn’t have the most orthodox husband but is always supportive. This one goes out to the one I love…..

Friday Again?

It’s becoming my least favorite day. For one, it means another week has gone by and two, it means sharing the roads and shops with other people, full time employed people. I look forward to Mondays. I’ve been asked more than once how it feels not to be working and in a nutshell, after the…

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